We are a TICA registered in-home cattery. Located in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. We have always been animal lovers, and we have just fallen in love with the Bengal breed. We pride ourselves on producing quality Purebred TICA registered Bengal kittens.  Our goal is to strive to provide top quality Bengal cats to the exotic cat fancier. Bengal cats, like other domestic pets, vary in appearance, health, energy, personality and intelligence. Our focus is to match you with the right Bengal for your household. 

As Bengal enthusiasts, we have become captivated by these friendly and entertaining Bengals that are extremely intelligent, full of life and always looking for fun and games. Bengals demand being in the center of everything going on around them. These beautiful creatures will capture your heart with their exotic wild looks and dependable temperaments. It is our passion working with these animals to give you a kitten to be proud of.

Hemlock Hill Bengals is dedicated to establishing a reputation built on using the finest quality Bengals, healthy kittens and trust, gained from honest and fair breeding practices. You can be assured your kitten will be healthy and socialized with health guarantees.



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